Information for Participants

Ongoing Data Collection

We are currently conducting interviews with women and men executives and upper-level officials and managers. We focus on chronic stressors related to workplace authority and work-family spillover, the psychological and physical health consequences of these stressors, and women’s and men’s strategies for handling the stress in their lives. We are particularly interested in understanding whether and how the experiences of stress, health, and coping differ between women and men, and how these experiences differ among black, white, and Latina women.

We address the following research questions:

  • Which stressors / negative experiences related to their work responsibilities do women and men in leadership positions encounter in the course of daily lives?
  • How do they handle these stressors?
  • How do the experiences of stress, health, and coping differ for women and men?
  • How do these experiences differ for black, white, and Latina women?
  • To what extent do the nature and frequency of stressors vary by industry and type of management occupations?

If you are interested in participating, please let us know. Just send an e-mail to

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