In the Media


“Leadership Gender Gap”

“Executive jobs are making women depressed”

“Women in Positions of Power Show More Signs of Depression Than Men”

“Why female executives get depressed more than men”

“Depression hits women in top jobs harder than men, study says”

“Women with workplace power are more depressed. Men, not so much”

“Breaking the glass ceiling may lead to depression”

“Women bosses ‘more depressed’ than male counterparts”

“High-flying women ‘face depression’: New study finds that ‘the power to hire and fire’ adversely affects their mental health”

“Women bosses are more likely to suffer depression”

“Female bosses are more likely to be depressed, and it’s down to gender stereotypes”

“Lady boss blues: Top women more prone to depression, study finds”

“Lady Boss Blues: Top Women More Prone to Depression, Study Finds”

“Women Who Lean In Are More Depressed Than Those Who Don’t”

“Female bosses more prone to depression than male counterparts, study says”

“Being the Boss Tied to Depression Risk for Women, But Not Men”

“Job Stress Affects Men And Women Differently”

“Women with leadership roles suffer more from depression than men”

WTOP-DC Radio: “Powerful jobs impact men’s, women’s psyches differently”

“Facing negative stereotypes, women with workplace power show more signs of depression”

“Women bosses more prone to depression”

“For Women at the Top, It’s Lonely – And Depressing”

“Women in powerful positions are more likely to be depressed, study finds”

“Powerful Women Are More Likely to Be Depressed”

“The Number One Health Risk for Successful Women”

“Job authority may increase depression symptoms in women”

“Female bosses more prone to depression symptoms than male counterparts”

“Women With Top Jobs Often Face Depression, An Effect Of Workplace Adversity”

“Science Reveals an Alarming Difference Between Male and Female Bosses”

“Cancer and the Corner Office”

“Professional women more susceptible to breast cancer”

“Why are high-flying women more at risk of developing breast cancer?”

“Female Professionals of 1970s Face Higher Risk of Breast Cancer”

“Women at Greater Risk to Develop Breast Cancer”

“The Discouraging Link Between Depression and Women in Power”

“Women at the Top Find the View Depressing”
Women at the Top Find the View Depressing


BBC World Service Radio, Newsday
November 20, 2014

BBC Radio 4 Woman’s Hour
June 14, 2013
“Are successful women more at risk of breast cancer?”

KVUE-TV abc Austin
September 15, 2014
“UT study finds generational link in poverty, obesity”–obesity/16225349/

HuffPost LIVE
November 24, 2014
“Career Women More Likely To Be Depressed”

KGO 810 Radio San Francisco
“Women in Positions of Authority More Likely to Face Depression, Says Study”

Senior Voice America
Health, Wealth, and Wisdom: 1250 AM WHNZ TAMPA BAY
November 26, 2014
“Can Depression Be Linked to Work”

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